iPhone 2.1 – Feature List

Performance (Only Data is now backed up & re-copied down)
 Faster Backup times (confirmed)
 Faster Update times (confirmed)

 Playlists & Songs now include the album name & artist shown bellow the track name
 Genius (song search now included)
 Added categories
    – Compilations
    – Composers
    – Audiobooks
 Podcasts (not sure if this is new… but still really cool)
– Album art work for each individual track displayed
– Ability to skip through each track found within podcast  

Parental Controls
 Restrict content (parental controls)

Reset iPhone back to factory defaults
 Reset All Settings
 Erase All Content and Settings (Full Data Erase)
 Reset Network Settings
 Reset Keyboard Dictionary
 Reset Home Screen Layout
 Reset Location Warnings

Passcode Lock
 Erase ALL data after 10 failed passcode attempts


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