Fix – iPhone stuck at pineapple boot screen

Symptom: iPhone won’t boot, hangs at pineapple boot screen
Fix: Put iPhone in DFU mode.

  1. Launch iTunes
  2. Connect iPhone to computer via USB cable
  3. Shut iPhone off (press and hold sleep/power button)
  4. Reset iPhone by pressing & holding both the power button and home button (Note Screen will be blank)
  5. Release power button after 10 seconds
iTunes will now recognize the iPhone in DFU mode. It will then give you the option of restoring it.
Restoring an alternative .ips file within iTunes.
  1. Launch iTunes
  2. Connect your iPhone
  3. On the iPhone summary screen press and hold Shift and press Restore.
  4. You will be given the option of selecting your own .ipsw file.
It appears that iTunes no longer stores the .ipsw files locally.  While this is perplexing there are alternative ways of getting the necessary .ipsw files.  The most common way is the simply download it from Apple themselves.  They keep a hidden archive which when linked directly gives you access to each .ipsw version previously released.
ipsw files can be downloaded here:

4.0.0 (3G): iPhone1,2_4.0_8A293_Restore.ipsw

4.0.0 (3GS): iPhone2,1_4.0_8A293_Restore.ipsw

4.0.0 (4): iPhone3,1_4.0_8A293_Restore.ipsw

4.0.1 (3G): iPhone1,2_4.0.1_8A306_Restore.ipsw

4.0.1 (3GS): iPhone2,1_4.0.1_8A306_Restore.ipsw

4.0.1 (4): iPhone3,1_4.0.1_8A306_Restore.ipsw

4.0.2 (3G): iPhone1,2_4.0.2_8A400_Restore.ipsw

4.0.2 (3GS): iPhone2,1_4.0.2_8A400_Restore.ipsw

4.0.2 (4): iPhone3,1_4.0.2_8A400_Restore.ipsw

4.1.0 (3G): iPhone1,2_4.1_8B117_Restore.ipsw

4.1.0 (3GS): iPhone2,1_4.1_8B117_Restore.ipsw

4.1.0 (4): iPhone3,1_4.1_8B117_Restore.ipsw

Credit where credit is due… ipsw link list source
By default iTunes stores .ipsw files in this folder:
C:Documents and SettingsAdministratorApplication DataApple ComputeriTunesiPhone Software Updates

C:Documents and Settings<user account name>Application DataApple ComputeriTunesiPhone Software Updates

32 thoughts on “Fix – iPhone stuck at pineapple boot screen

    • Are you using a Mac or an Intel machine? If you are running Max OS X make sure you are fully patched up to version 10.5.7 update or higher. OS X 10.5.6 had issues with allowing iTunes to go into DFU mode.

  1. okay question….how am i supposed to turn it off when the damn thing is stuck on the pineapple? also it wont connect to itunes because of this…..

    • If the iPhone is stuck at the pineapple boot screen you use the same method you normally would to turn it off (Press and hold the power button in the upper right corner). Step 4 listed above is the actual method you’ll need to use for shutting the iPhone off and allowing iTunes to see it in DFU mode.

      Regarding your second question iTunes will not recognize your iPhone until you restore it to a previously saved backup. Once you have restored your iPhone it will be once again recognizable in iTunes.

      Give it another shot and let me know how you fair.

  2. I have the pinneapple loop issue as well, however, I cannot turn my iphone off. No amount of sleep+home button shuts the iphone off. Because of this, I cannot enter DFU mode. Any ideas?

  3. Pressing the sleep+home button resets the iphone and does not shut it off. Pressing and holding only the sleep button will shut it off.

  4. I got mine to work thanks alot =), if step 3 on the first method doesn’t work for you
    then you can shut the iphone off by holding both the sleep and home buttons untill the iphone turns off, then you just go to step 4 as directed.

  5. thanks it works………
    i am very much thankful to you………
    however i didn’t found any ipsw file in the said folder…..

  6. Hey there
    When i go to open the ipsw in itunes the zip file doesn’t show up so i extract all the files from the zip file and its says that there its saying there is a problem preventing this file from being encryped.

    please help me it gives me the option next, skip, cancle

    i have clicked next but the files don’t show up when i return back to the itunes dwload file screen.

  7. ok so i changed the .zip to ipsw that works but now its saying error 3015 i’m not sure if i have got the right firmware i downloaded it didn’t work so am trying another one but what if that don,t work all these problems are driving me crazy

    • okay, so I’m a bit confused. At what point in the restore process are you receiving an error? Also what version are you attempting to restore to? And my last question… what version did you attempt to crack your iphone on. ie. what version was it running when you attempting to hack it?

  8. how much time do i need to keep pressing the power button?? its not turning off no matter how much time i press. pls help me out guyss

    • Worst case scenario, just let the phone run out of power then start charging it. The key piece is to charge it from your computer so that when it does reboot you can then reload the image.

      • Hi! What do you mean by “reload the image”? I have an iPhone 2G that’s frozen on the pineapple screen. Every 5 – 10 minutes the screen goes black for a second and then the pineapple comes right back on, as though its trying to reboot. I can’t turn it off or on at all, so going into DFU or recovery mode hasn’t been working. So say I let the battery run out so it will go off and plug into my computer – then I do what, I press home+power and release the power after 10 seconds? Thanks!

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