RDP – Force Console Access

With large managed corporate environments I’ve noticed that many people don’t properly log out of active RDP sessions.  The result of this scenario is that all licensed RDP connections (default = 2) are used up and Admins cannot connect to a server without either somehow booting someone from the box or gaining console access.

There is a simple and easy resolution to this issue.  By using windows built in tools you can force console access to any server running RDP.  Windows provides the utility called mstsc which can be run from a command window with a force parameter.  This will either give you a 3rd connection to the server (console) or give you the option of booting off a user who has been idle or disconnected from the server for an extended period of time.

Bottom line… use this command! 🙂
mstsc -v:<server name> /F -console

NOTE: This command no longer works… refer to this post for the updated syntax.


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