How to sell an iPhone on ebay… and not get scammed

I’m still in the process of selling my iPhone through e-bay and figured I’d compile a list of do’s and don’ts.  First off ebay restricts sales of iPhones and also heavily monitors all iPhone sales.  Monitoring is found on the ebay side and also on the associated PayPal transaction.  


  1. iPhone must be in your posession and you must be able to take a picture of it with your screen name in the picture. 
  2. You must have a valid working Paypal account.  No other form of payment is accepted. 
Posting the add: (I won’t go into to much detail since the process is pretty straight forward…)
  1. Do NOT post a Buy It Now Price. This will attract scammers who hack peoples paypal & ebay accounts.  Trust me… I’ve had to deal with this twice already. 
  2. Offer Free Shipping.  This will make your add more favorable and only nocks off about $20 in terms of your take home $$$.
  3. Start your bidding at $250.00 or higher. On average you’ll get around 30+ bids on your iPhone. This is not enough bids to raise the price of your phone to a legit selling price ($300+). 
  4. Include a full list of items included in the sale and also details regarding the condition of the phone and also whether or not it is unlocked.  
  5. International shipping.  Indicate within the sale details that you are willing to do international shipping.  Be sure to note that buyers are responsible for VAT and for any Taxes which are charged to them by their Country.  As a courtesy also note that the item will be shipped as a gift (check box on shipping).  
  6. Last but not least, state that you WILL NOT SHIP the iPhone until payment is fully confirmed! 

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