Windows – Force Remote Reboot

While working in enterprise environments specifically those in remote locations servers sometimes do not respond properly to reboot requests.  In situations like this the admin attempting to perform updates on the server can sometimes feel helpless.  Fear not helpless admin… there is a little trick which will save you both time and grief.  The trick/command allows you to force a remote reboot of a system provided you have the proper admin credentials.  

Command: shutdown -r -m \\<IP or DNS name> -t <wait time> -f 

-r = shutdown then reboot
-m = the server in question
-t = wait time between shutdown command execution in seconds
-f = force all applications to close

After executing this command open a new command window and run a continues ping against the server to monitor if and when it goes down and also when it comes back up.  Be sure to judge the required reboot time based on the number of devices on the server, number of apps, and also the amount of memory etc. The more complex the box the longer the reboot time.  

ping <DNS name or IP address> /t


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