iPhone 3Gs – First Impressions

Background… coming from a first Gen iPhone I am stoked to be the new owner of a 3Gs iPhone.  I’m finally back in the game and will hopefully be creating some interesting posts for iPhone users as I learn more about the latest version of the iPhone and the 3.0 software release.  Most of my initial thoughts will be comparing my experience with the iPhone 2G to the current iPhone 3Gs.

  • Touch screen is MUCH faster and smother in responding
  • Home button is different and more flush with the screen
  • Fit and finish is improved
  • New default apps (Compass & Voice Memo)
  • Performance is much much improved.  I think Apple hit a home run by actually improving the hardware to meet the speeds capable of the 3G network.

Unboxing Pics:

It’s details like the key included in the last picture which set Apple apart from other hardware vendors.

Nearly none, my biggest at this point is that I am experiencing issues maintaining a connection with my wireless access point. This has been well documented in Apple discussion forums and a fix is not yet available.

Regarding the hardware my black iPhone is flawless, unfortunately my White iPhone is not. I found a series of hair line stress cracks around the base of the White phone. I’ll be exchanging it shortly so no biggie there.


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