Fix – Locked Business Objects Administrator Account

I recently had to deal with the rather unpleasant task of reseting the Administrator password within my Business Objects environment.  The symptoms and fix are as follows.

Symptom: Administrator account locked or in password reset loop where a new password is not being accepted.
Fix Requirement: System account access to the Oracle database that the Business Objects database resides on.


  1. Take a backup of your Oracle database.
  2. Note this is advised since the steps listed bellow can in some cases cause database corruption.

  3. Shut down the business objects Control Management Service (CMS).
  4. Launch an Oracle management utility.  I use DbVisualizer.
  5. Login to your database and find the table called CMS_INFOOBJECTS
  6. View the data found within the table and sort the Object ID column.
  7. Find the row with Object ID equal to 12.
  8. Delete the row with Object ID equal to 12.
  9. Save and apply the changes made to the database.
  10. Start the CMS service and attempt to login to your Business Objects server with the Administrator account.  Note that the account password is now blank.

Removal of the row with Object ID equal to 12 deletes the Administrator account from the BO database.  After this is done when CMS is started it recreates the Administrator account and assigns it the default password which is blank.