Unlock ECC Repository STSView Account

On EMC Control Center (ECC) servers sometimes the default API account used to directly connect to the ECC repository gets locked.  In this case you may see the following error shown when attempting to connect.

java.sql.SQLException: ORA-28000: the account is locked

There is a simple and easy fix for unlocking the stsview account.  EMC includes an unlock script which can be manually run from the ECC repository server.


Simply open a command prompt and change directories to the Ramb_scripts directory and run the stsview_unlock.bat script.  Attempt logging in after the script completes.

If you are still unable to connect to the ECC repository when using the default values (username = stsview, password = sts) then contact your ECC Administrator to ensure that the password has not been changed.  With ECC 6.1 and higher the ECC administrator can change the default stsview password.

Reference: ECC Repository Default API Connection
SID: rambdb
Port: 1521 (ECC 5.2 & ECC 6.0)
Port: 1575 (ECC 6.1 SSL Enabled)
Username: stsview
Password: sts

SQLplus Connect String
Note:You need to have the oracle client installed and rambdb defined within your tnsnames.ora file in order for this command to work)
sqlplus stsview/sts@rambdb


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