ECC 6.1 Client Installation Options

Post installation of EMC Control Center (ECC) 6.1 the first thing you’re going to want to do is patch it by downloading the latest patch set from EMCs Powerlink site.  After patching is completed you’ll want to install the ECC client on your workstation and also a server within your environment where you’ll manage ECC from.

The ECC Client can be manually copied from the ECC Repository server or remotely installed through the ECC remote install site.  The remote install site will always be found on the ECC Repository server.

ECC Web Install – Always found on ECC Repository Server
https://<DNS Name of ECC Repository Server>:30002/webinstall/

Web Install Pre-reqs

  • java jre installed
  • ECC Web Install site added to trusted sites list (Sometimes necessary if Java script execution is blocked)

ECC Client Folder & Executable Location


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