RDP: Force -Console Access Not Working

I wrote a post a while back which covered how to force console access on a Windows server.  The point of the post was to allow administrators to access a server which had exhausted its assigned number of terminal connections.  Recently I’ve noticed that the previous command shown bellow no longer works.

mstsc -v:<server name or ip address> /F -console

In Terminal Services 6.1 (mstsc version 6.0.6001.18000) and higher the -console option is no longer available.  In its place they now use the -admin option.  The new command is the same as the old with -admin being used in place of -console.

NEW force console access command:
mstsc -v:<server name or ip address> /F -admin

If you do not already have version 6.1 of terminal services it can be downloaded HERE!

Credit where credit is due… http://blogical.se/blogs/mikael_sand/archive/2009/07/28/console-and-admin-problems-in-remote-desktop-mstsc-from-window-2003-server.aspx


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