TPC 4.1 – Component Differences & Limitations

TPC 4.1 comes in two key flavors basic and standard edition.  TPC basic edition only includes disk and fabric management capabilities.  It is also important to note that it does not include performance analysis capabilities.  TPC standard edition expands upon the basic edition capabilities with multiple components designed to allow complete management of a storage environment.

TPC 4.1 Basic Edition

Disk & Fabric Management included

TPC 4.1 Standard Edition*

Disk Component: Discover and manage storage arrays and tape libraries.

Fabric Component: Discover and manage multiple fabrics from the standard TPC interface.

Data Component: Discover and manage hosts attached to storage arrays discovered by TPC.

Replication Component: Connect and monitor multiple TPC sites enhancing disaster recovery fail over capabilities.

*Licensing controls whether a component is visible within the TPC GUI interface.

ECC 6.1 DB Rebuild Status

If your ECC environment loses power or crashes here is how you can confirm the status of the ECC databases. The alert_emcstsdb.log and alert_rambdb.log will show you the status of the database.  Note, the most up to date information will be found at the bottom of the log.  Take special note of any mention of files in the format “REDO##.LOG”.  These will indicate that the database is rebuilding.  Compare the current log number to those found within the redo log folder listed below.  This will give you a rough idea of where in the rebuild process you are.

ECC 6.1  Storage Scope Key Services

EMC StorageScope Server

ECC 6.1 Storage Scope Logs


Redo Logs: ECC\Repository\oradata\emcstsdb

ECC 6.1 Repository Logs

Logs: ECC\Repository\admin\rambdb\bdump\alert_emcstsdb.log
Redo Logs: ECC\Repository\oradata\rambdb

ECC Core Services Logs

Location: ECC\ecc_inf\data\ecc_inf_hostname\data

Fix – iPhone 3.1.2/3.1.3 Zoom Boot Issue

Symptom: When booting or navigating the iPhone screen is zoomed in.
Cause: The zoom option was turned on and the screen was double tapped with 3 fingers.

Example Pictures:

Fix: Apple introduced a zoom feature which allows you to zoom by taping the screen with 3 fingers. If your screen is zoomed in like the pictures above tap the screen with 3 fingers and it will go back to normal.  The zoom option can be found in settings -> general -> accessibility -> zoom.  Turn it OFF if you do not want to repeat said issue.

Fix Source: