TPC 4.1 – Component Differences & Limitations

TPC 4.1 comes in two key flavors basic and standard edition.  TPC basic edition only includes disk and fabric management capabilities.  It is also important to note that it does not include performance analysis capabilities.  TPC standard edition expands upon the basic edition capabilities with multiple components designed to allow complete management of a storage environment.

TPC 4.1 Basic Edition

Disk & Fabric Management included

TPC 4.1 Standard Edition*

Disk Component: Discover and manage storage arrays and tape libraries.

Fabric Component: Discover and manage multiple fabrics from the standard TPC interface.

Data Component: Discover and manage hosts attached to storage arrays discovered by TPC.

Replication Component: Connect and monitor multiple TPC sites enhancing disaster recovery fail over capabilities.

*Licensing controls whether a component is visible within the TPC GUI interface.


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