Condo Surround Sound System

Recently I set out to find a reasonably priced surround sound system for my small condo (800 sqft.) While searching for a small solution I saw that sound bars might be a good fit. The downside mentioned within reviews was that you’d probably need to buy a subwoofer in addition to the soundbar. This would mean tuning and possibly purchasing a receiver.

My friends suggested I take a look at Bose systems since their speakers take up such a small foot print. I found that the acoustimass 5 system from Bose got great reviews and was now a couple years old. After looking at new systems the price point just wasn’t justifiable so I turned to craigslist. Locally I picked up a system for $180. This is a steal in my mind considering the system still sells for $600. I paired the speakers with a Yamaha receiver and hooked it up to my Apple TV. All said and done I spent roughly $450 for a great sound system that I can stream music to over Wifi and also enjoy while watching television and movies.

New Small Condo Sound System
$180.00: Bose Acoustimass 5 – 4 speakers + Subwoofer + Bose Speaker Stands
$175.00: Yamaha RX-V367 – B Stock
$100.00: Apple TV (Version 2)