Nasuni – Taking Cloud to the Next Level

I’ve been a cloud speculator since day one. In fact I’ve gone out of my way to introduce doubt into planning sessions where the hype had gone to far. Nasuni is the company which will turn me to the dark side. I’m jumping on the bandwagon. Nasuni bridges the gap between what you would build in your own data center and current public offerings. The key here is that their focus is only on file based storage. Block storage is out due to it’s inherent lack of tolerance for latency in any form. Bellow I’ve outlined my cliff notes of the Nasuni cloud storage offering.

Huge Problem = Disk to Disk or Cloud to Data Center data transfers take a really long time to complete. This becomes an exponentially bigger problem when dealing with multi terabyte much less multi petabyte data sets. RTO objects hinge on the time it takes to transfer data. With object based storage transfer time is removed.

Current Cloud
– Servers & Data Hosted within data center external to company
– Servers & Data Hosted within your data center (no optimization, isolated)
– Object based storage based on object based storage (Put, Get, Update – HTTPS)
– Data Assurance handled within cloud
– Eventual consistency model (object updates propagate, “eventually”)

Nasuni (Coined as “NetApp for the Cloud”)
– Object Based Storage (Cloud)
– Object Commands (Put, Get, Query, Update)
– NFS/CIFS encapsulated in HTTPS packet
– Objects Copied which ensures redundancy
– Any server serves any object through the use of a distributed hash table
РInfinite scalability… just add servers
– Storage as a service

What’s Missing: Standard protocols, access control, latency (delivery of multi-TB environments)

Ideal Scenario: Mirror Legacy Data Center
– Immediate Consistency
– Secure Multi-Site Access
– Complete SLA

Protection Requirements
– Version Control
– Offsite copies
– Application Dependencies (understand data structure)
– Compliance issues (HIPAA etc.)

Storage Controller = deliver consistent performance (no matter what!)
Nasuni Controller = Cloud Storage Controller

Nasuni (Storage As A Service VM or 1U unit)
– Posix File Systems (NFS, CIFS etc.) available in front of Object Storage
– Customer Encrypts Data at Customer Site
– SnapShots Created & Replicated based on Object Model
– Unlimited Storage (Add / Remove Array), Unlimited Bandwidth, Accessible from Anywhere…
– SLA Associated with Cloud Storage (They guarantee the data)
– Able to move data without customer knowing
– Application servers still reside within the data center (extending the cloud)
– Backend storage = Google & Amazon (Object Cloud Services)
– Leverage the biggest data center in the world that also have the most bandwidth
– Control at volume / export layer (allow one site read only vs. read/write
– Buy 1 TeraByte per Year ($8k-$12k) = 3 heads

Edge Nasuni NAS Appliance (Cloud Edge Device)
-Caching (Pre-Fetch Meta Data
-Secure (OpenPGP Encryption & Active Directory Authentication)
-WAN Acceleration (Dedupe, Compression… all performed prior to transfer to cloud)
-Speed over wire critical, ensures quick data recovery
-Charge for usable storage ONLY
-Convert Protocols (CIFS/NFS -> HTTPS)
-15 minute recovery (Download new VM, Tell it what filer to recover, specify pgp key.)
-Unlimited snapshots = No Backup Limit
-Retention Option, By default they keep everything!


  • Works like a NAS
  • Never fills up
  • Needs no offsite protection
  • Needs no backup
  • Synchronized globally