ECC – Discover Brocade Switches using SMI Agent

ECC leverages the SNIA SMI standard for discovery of fabric switches.  In order to add brocade switches to the ECC repository for monitoring and management several specific steps must be taken.

Switch Discovery Flow: ECC Repository (SMI Agent Server Credentials) -> SMI Agent (Brocade Credentials) -> Brocade Switch

  1. Download the SMI Agent from the Brocade web site. Note there is a specific SMI agent for ECC 6.1.
  2. Install the SMI agent on a server which has IP connectivity to both the ECC environment and the Brocade switches.  Accept all defaults and configure the SMI Agent to start as a service.
  3. Discover the switches previously added to the SMI Agent by using the Discover -> Connectivity option within ECC. Within the connectivity options use port 8000 to connect to the SMI Agent.  For the credentials fields use an account either local or AD which has permissions to access the server where the SMI Agent is installed.  The account should be persistent and have a password which is set to not expire.
The SMI Agent is where you setup connectivity to each Brocade fabric you would like to discover.
SMI Agent Details
SMI Agent Folder: C:\SMIAgent
SMI Agent Manual Configuration: C:\SMIAgent\Server\bin\Configurationtool.bat
SMI Agent Configuration File: C:\SMIAgent\Server\bin\provider.xml
After successfully importing the switches remember to configure collection policies to ensure ECC is updated with new information.

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