Pioneer – Apple Car Play USB Issues

Roughly a year and a half ago I successfully upgraded one of our cars stereos with a new Pioneer AVH-4200NEX head unit.  The install was simple and the result was updating what was a mid 2000 era head unit with one which supported Bluetooth, Apple CarPlay, and hands free calling.  All was well until this past week when Apple CarPlay quit working.


  • USB Connection no longer charges devices
  • Error displayed indicating USB connection is not supported and that the device will be disabled for protection purposes
  • Error displayed “no response” when connecting the phone

My first step in troubleshooting this issue was to upgrade both the Pioneer head unit and iPhones to the latest firmware version.

Pioneer Head Unit: AVH-4200 NEX with firmware version 0.6

iPhone X with iOS Version: 11.4.1

The Fix

Upgrading the firmware versions did not resolve the issue but changed the error from “USB is not supported…” to “no response”.  Further investigation led to review of the discovered Apple CarPlay devices on each phone.  Since we’ve both been traveling there were a number of rental cars which had registered with our phones.  Clearing all of the registered devices including our head unit resolved the issue.

iPhone Steps (version 11.4.1):

Note: Disconnect your phone from your head unit before performing these steps.

  1. Open Settings -> General -> CarPlay
  2. Under MY CAR select each discovered CarPlay system and select “Forget This Car”. The Pioneer unit will show up as “AV Receiver”
  3. Repeat removal for all entries which are listed
  4. Reconnect phone to head unit and accept prompts allowing the receiver to access your phone.