Calibrate iPhone GPS

So… technically you can’t calibrate your iPhones GPS.  What you can do is force it to rethink how it figures out where you are.  I created this post because I recently ran into this exact issue.  The issue being that my iPhone for no apparent reason was extremely inaccurate when showing my current location through google maps.  When looking at Google maps my current location was off by roughly 4 miles.  Yes MILES!!!

So on to the fix.  I was able to get my gps position refreshed to within 500-1000 feet of what it should have been by doing all of the following in no specific order.

  1. Switch the network from 3G to Edge or vise versa (Settings -> General -> Network -> 3G ON/OFF)
  2. Open google maps and click the “location” option found within the lower left corner of the screen.
  3. Wait for your location to shift… then close Google Maps.
  4. Disable data services (Settings -> General -> Network -> Cellular Data ON/OFF)
  5. Perform Step 2 again… and wait, then close Google Maps.
  6. At this point you may have to perform step 1 and 2 again if your position has not corrected itself.

Fix – Dell E1505 Intel Wireless Card Drops

Recently my girlfriends laptop has been unable to reach the internet via wireless.  The symptoms are pretty eratic and hard to tie down.  Initially web sites will load but after a couple minutes all network activity will drop.  The interesting piece is that the wireless signal and all monitoring details show as good.

Symptom: All wireless network packets are dropped 1 minute after connecting to wireless access point
Wifi Card: Intel Wireless Card 3945ABG
Laptop Model: Dell Inspiron E1505
Driver Version: (9/26/2007, Intel)

Fix: Within the network adapters properties force the wireless card to only use 802.11G.

Update Wifi Properties

  1. Right click my computer and select Manage
  2. Select Device Manager and expand the Network section
  3. Right click the Intel(R) PRO/Wireless… adapter and select Properties
  4. On the Advanced tab scroll through the list of configuration options and select Wireless Mode
  5. Uncheck “use default value” and then select your wireless type ie. 802.11G etc.
  6. Click Ok and exit the computer management interface.