iPhone 4g Case Review – IvySkin

While I normally hate iPhone cases the IvySkin case I ordered actually exceeded my expectations on all fronts.  In general I hate phone cases.  Mostly because they add bulk to something that is designed to be as small as possible.  Plus they remove the feel of the phone and in some cases add weight.

I purchased the ivyskin iphone 4g clear case.  The features that stand out in my mind are the feel of the case, the included protection covers for both the front and back of the phone and the overall quality of the case.

Feel: The case is smooth like butter.  It truly mimics the smooth feel of the uncovered iphone.  This is a huge plus since I hate the feeling of cheep plastic.

Build Quality: The case is super thin (0.6mm to be exact) and made out of a single piece of plastic.  Installing the case is quick and easy as is removal.  Additional thought was made to include 2 screen protection covers. One for the back of the iPhone and one for the front.  Most companies do the obvious and include a front screen protector, almost never is the back of the iphone considered.  The back protector is designed to ensure that grit or dust trapped between the phone and the case does not scratch the glass or plastic on the edge of the iphone.

Value: For $14.99 with FREE shipping you get the case + two screen protectors and installation gear.  If I went down to my local Apple store I’d be hard pressed to buy the same items for less.  Plus what I’d end up with wouldn’t be as nice.

What’s Included

  • Crystal clear case, super thin, smooth like butter…
  • Two (count them!) two iphone screen protection covers.
  • Installation aids/gear 1 squeegee, one micro clothe

Overall I’m really impressed with the IvySkin case and am surprised that Apple stores don’t carry them.  This case is leaps and bounds better than the equivalent competitor cases.


Gear – Logitech Harmony 880

I’ve had this remote for a couple years and figured it was time for me to post a review.  For those who don’t know the Logitech Harmony 880 is one of the best multifunction remotes on the market today.  Overall  I am really impressed with both the build quality of the remote and also the ease of use.  The ease of use falls into two categories, one being configuration and the second being seamless use of multiple devices with the remote.   With any number of peripherals this remote will with the touch of a button turn all required devices on, set them to the correct input and also ensure that volume levels are adjusted using the correct device.

Features worth mentioning:

Favorites with channel images ie. Food Network, BBC, CNN, etc. can be applied to a channel for quick navigation

Built in troubleshooting/Help.  If your devices are partially on simply press the Help button and the remote will step through asking you whether the expected devices are in the correct mode (On/Off or Input).

Simple web based configuration. I can’t stress how simple and easy it is to setup this remote.  It literally takes 5 minutes and then your configuration is saved on Logitechs site for future use down the road.

Rechargeable Batteries, this is a requirement for any and all gear that I purchase.  I have little patience for replacing batteries out of devices I use every day.

Durability: Believe it or not this thing can take a beating.  I’ve dropped it, kicked it, smashed it on wood floor… you name it this remote has come out unscathed.  This really proves that for the price they actually engineered it to handle the wrath of a 2 year old.

I rarely directly plug a product but figured with this remotes long term unblemished track record it deserved a free plug.

Free Fonts for all…

Sometimes you need a font which makes things more than ordinary. Sometimes you’re bored with the Times New Roman you’ve been peddling for the past 25+ years. If this is you then you may want to check out FontSpace which specializes in presenting thousands… yes thousands of FREE fonts. The piece that makes this site really shine is the fact that fonts are ranked, tagged, and sorted by design making it cake to find fonts to your liking. Here’s one which comes to mind…


Unconventional weather Sites that deserve my attention…

These days there are a plethora of weather sites popping up on the net.  The old days of “Weather Channel” ruling weather forecasting is OVER.  Here are the sites I frequent to get the low down on what’s about to hit my area. 


Quite possibly the best overall considering it’s map & forecast in one place view.



Simple & clean in terms of presentation.  It also boasts that all predictions are based off of the accuracy of multiple sites combined.  


And last but not least… StormPulse! This site is specifically targeted to those of us who live in an area where Hurricanes are of interest.  It tracks any and all major storms near the US.  Their path, predicted path and the historical paths of similar storms can be compared and viewed.  

I searched for “Katrina” to pull up this example.