Porsche – True Cost of Ownership Cont.

Since purchasing the car and driving it daily I figured it was time for an update regarding additional maintenance items which have cropped up.  Two specific items are now on my list to purchase parts for and to attempt a DIY update.  The systems and parts which need routine maintenance are listed bellow.  

Water Pump: According to what I’ve read the 911 engines are prone to water pump impeller failure.  The failure occurs when pieces  of the plastic impeller sheer off and make their way into the engines cooling system.  This for obvious reasons is not good.  The solution is a simple pre-emptive waterpump change.  

Parts: Water Pump ($239.00) & Coolant ($120)

Air Oil Separator: The  oil re-breather system on the 997 circulates through a membrane which acts to filter out oil which is caused by blow by from the engines crank case.  This system over time deteriorates and causes two symptoms to crop up.  The first is white smoke on start up which initially will be observed intermittently.  If the AOS gives out completely in some cases there will be white smoke continuously. The second symptom is also upon start up and is a high pitch whining sound.  The sound is often miss diagnosed as a potential pulley bearing failure, or the belt itself needing to be replaced.  Instead of either of these issues it is actually the rear main seal (RMS) allowing a vacuum leak.  As you can imagine this is not desirable and can in the long term damage the RMS.  

Parts: $140 AOS (roughly)

In addition to addressing these items I still need to swap out the spark plugs (already purchased) and inspect the coil packs ($308.28).  

Total Cost: $808 (not including shipping for parts)